PRN Careers

El Centro, CA

About the company:

PRN Desert Rehabilitation Institute & Hand Center is a part of the ...

Dallas, TX

About the company:

Vista Rehab is a part of the Physical Rehabilitation Network (PRN – www...

Santa Clara and Milpitas, CA

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Santa Clara Sports Therapy and Calveras PT are part of the Physical...

Bismarck, ND

About the company:

RehabAuthority Physical Therapy opened its doors in the summer of 1999 and now has...

Las Vegas, NV

About the company:

Kelly Hawkins Physical Therapy is a part of the Physical Rehabilitation...

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My relationship with PRN has provided me the financial, administrative and managerial resources needed to run a progressive, ethical physical therapy practice devoted to delivering patient care at the highest level.

Rob Ortmayer MPT, CSCS